Industry Advisor

Transformation offers advisory services in the fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, tourism, energy and mining business industries. Transformation supports quality decision making for resource management through strategy, policy, management, and governance. A healthy environment must be at the heart of all development. Transformation is about increasing the presence of First Nations in the territory while building a local economy, driving innovation and seizing upon business opportunities.







Social Development

Employment! Health! Wealth! Personal achievement! Language! Freedom! Equality! Education! Economy! Literacy! Technology!

The purpose of Transformation is to facilitate long-term, positive change in the people we serve, by teaching them how to gain power through taking responsibility for one’s life. We assist people toward individual freedom, by teaching them to let go of and learn from their experiences. In essence, we create outstanding change in Aboriginal communities. These changes shift our people toward a healthier, more deserving lifestyle. Transformation offers solutions and invites possibilities!

Service Description
Community Critical Incident/ Crisis Management

Assists with developing emergency procedures and safety plans. Critical incident stress debriefing is available for staff and community members.

Secret to Self Determination

This innovative and much sought workshop leads participants in creating positive, long term changes

Basis of Transformation

This session focuses on basic concepts of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming- participants leave focused and with understanding of the importance of language and how it structures daily experiences.

Personal and Professional Break Through Sessions

This session is an amazing tool for transforming daily life - learn how to change thought patterns, learn power in responsibility and techniques to create the future.

Success Strategies for Back to Work/School

Transformation integrates language technology training and life skills to assist in developing community strategies to develop workforce capacity and success with a social development focus

Community Workshops
Offers extensive workshops for staff, community on various topics for personal and professional development

Economic Development:

Transformation is about creating jobs, opportunities, growth, and governance structures to create wealth, health and self reliance for today, and for the future. Economic development must be balanced with social development and environmental sustainability and empower local decision - making and values.

Service Description
Wealth Strategies

Transformation offers a unique Wealth Dynamics program that engages the individual, family, staff and governance to understand financial management and the creation of wealth.

Economy Building Strategies

Supporting local economy is an essential component of linking economic development projects to community success.

Economic Development Planning

Creates economic development strategies to focus on wealth and local economy. Transformation will research, develop economic structures and action strategies to support local economic vision.

Strategic Planning

Facilitates the development of collective vision with clear goals and objectives for implementation and measurement of success.

Feasibility Studies

Will examine the strengths, weaknesses, costs, value and environment to meet business development needs.

Joint Venture Partnering
Assisting in identifying potential partnerships, advising on relationships and business values.
Creating Economic Development Corporations

Supports the creation and development of economic development corporations to sustain investment attraction, resource management, joint ventures and partnerships.

Board of Director Governance Training

Prepares business leaders for excellence in governance and leadership.


Taxation Services
Transformation offers exclusive taxation services to support First Nations in economic development, land strategies and community planning.

Corporate Engagement

Corporate Relationship Building:

Joint venture partnering! Corporate Relationship building! Cultural diversity training! Transformation works with businesses, corporations and First Nations to build an integrative relationship outlining primary goals and planned participation across various local industries while creating a unified economic direction outlining immediate action, identifying investment opportunities, and strategy. We design individualized programs to help Corporations work more effectively with Aboriginal People.


Service Description
Aboriginal Corporate Relationship Building

Works with businesses, corporations and First Nations to build an integrative relationship - outlining goals, opportunities. Design individualized programs

Joint Venture Partnering

Works with companies and First nations to identify joint venture opportunities, needs and structure

Shareholder Agreements

Will assist in development of shareholder agreements

Cultural Diversity Training

In an engaging environment, participants learn history, legal context and current working requirements for cultural diversity

Corporate Retreats

Transformation offers exclusive Corporate retreats

  Work Force Readiness

Bridges the gap between the Aboriginal population and Corporations. Transformation offers customized training to bridge community capacity, cultural competencies and corporate objectives to build tools for success.

  Corporate Leadership Training

This training examines the required practices to build a mutual understanding and communication between a corporation and a First Nation. Transformation builds leadership training for business agreement success.

  Cultural Board Training

engages participants in practical approaches to create productive, healthy, engaging and meaningful executive and board management systems and operations. This training focuses on the next level of success to move forward.

  Aboriginal Relationship Competency Training

this training addresses the collective, shared learning to increase the competence of a community of practice for Aboriginal Liaison positions. This training examines breaking through barriers to working with First Nations communities and works to align local economic objectives with business practices.

  First Nation Corporate Social Responsibility Training

this exclusive training addresses the relationship and values gap between corporation and First Nations. Training participants learn about corporate and First Nation culture and business relationships.

  Economy Building Strategies

Transformation provides training in First Nation value based economy strategies. We work with communities to develop the critical components for a culture, social and values based economy.



Transformation offers world - class facilitation using the latest facilitation technology. Transformation is trained in Open Space , World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, and Graphic Facilitation. Skilled in facilitating complex processes, Transformation works within groups and organizations to find solutions and actions towards success. Transformation supports the highest quality decision – making.



Board and Governance Training:

Transformation will deliver an effective, solution oriented board governance training - including responsibilities, structures, financial governance, policies and models of governance

Wealth Dynamics:

Transformation offers Indigenous Wealth Dynamics- a transforming experiential learning training to facilitate the breaking through of the poverty dynamics of individuals, family members, and community members and nations.

Organizational Development

Transformation works with organizations to increase and improve effectiveness and performance in operations, programs, and service delivery. Transformation will work with employees, management, and organizational culture and governance.

Service Description
Protocol Development

Transformation will develop agreements for Ministries, Municipalities, businesses, organizations, NGO’s, and First Nations.

Policy Development

Effective policy is essential for organizations- Transformation works with managers, administrators, boards, councils and staff to identify the policy needs, review, develop, implement and integrate effective policy.

Program Evaluation

Transformation will collect, analyze information to review project and program effectiveness and efficiency- for funders, managers and organizations.

Event Planning

From concept, planning, management and delivery, communications, design, and funding - Transformation will assist in delivering a successful event.

Project Management

Offers support in planning, organizing, securing and managing resources for the successful completion of project goals and objectives. Transformation works within scope, time and budget for successful project management.

Proposal Writing
AOffers assistance in proposal development.
Financial Management

Responsible and innovative financial management is a necessity today in managing local government organization. Let us help your organization enhance your fiscal management service delivery processes.

Human Resource Plans

Will work with organizations to establish effective Human Resource strategies to address growth, function, structure and practices to align organizational goals and objectives with strategy and management excellence.


Performance Management
Offers enhanced performance management reviews for improved process and operations design.