First SET: Science, Ecology, Technology

First SET is a solutions-based business model. First SET facilitates new conversations between First Nation and industry to support a shift towards shared values, bottom lines, and bringing worldviews together in business.

First SET addresses the driving forces of the social, technological and business landscape of First Nations through three core building blocks: people, economy, and environment.

First SET is for all stakeholder perspectives from community member, to corporate partner to investor.

First SET Offers:

First SET offers world – class training for communities, corporations, and industries. First SET offers extensive customized training packages.

Workforce Readiness Training
Bridges the gap between the Aboriginal population and corporations. First SET offers customized training to bridge community capacity, cultural competencies and corporate objectives and tools for success.

First Nation’s Corporate Leadership Training
Examines the required practices to build a mutual understanding and communication between a corporation and a First Nation. First SET builds Aboriginal internship/leadership training for business.

Cultural Board Training
Engages participants in practical approaches to creating the most productive, healthy, engaging and meaningful executive and board management systems and operations to shift any corporation to the next level of success and beyond.

Aboriginal Relationship Competency Training
This training addresses the collective, shared learning, to increase the competence of a community of practice for Aboriginal Liaison positions. This training examines breaking through barriers to working with First Nations communities and works to align local economic objectives with business processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training
This exclusive training addresses the relationship and values gap between corporations and First Nations.

Closing the Gap Workshop for Investors
Examines the shared values and new approaches to business relations between investors and First Nations. This workshop explores where shared values come together between corporations, industry and First Nations.

Corporate Retreats
World-class corporate retreats to facilitate the gathering of corporate leaders and First Nations for relationship building, conflict resolution, planning and discussions on moving to shared values translated into shared bottom lines.

First SET offers strategic planning that integrates the social, economic and environmental well-being of First Nations communities – balancing strategic goals with economic outcomes. First SET understands that the family and territory are central to successful planning.

Wealth Strategies
The need for wealth generation strategies is critical. With cycles of poverty, social crisis and new wealth streaming into communities, a wealth generation strategy must be developed and managed to ensure sustainability and focus on First Nation’s values.

Economy Building Strategies
First SET provides training in First Nation designed value-based economy strategies. First SET works with communities to develop the critical components for a cultural, social and values based economy.

Technology Partnering
First SET will assist First Nation communities in identifying the core attributes for green technologies. First SET will examine the cultural ties and components of green energy and determine a technology fit for the community. Based on technology fit, First SET will support the business continuum for equity and application in large projects.

GHG Programs:
Identify technology and opportunities to work collaboratively with First Nations and industries or corporations to develop a program to reduce GHG emissions through joint ventures.

Technology Incubation:
By incubating green technologies within First Nation communities, new avenues for economic development, local decision-making and governance can be generated.

Shifting Practices

First SET will engage communities in practical governance strengthening dialogues and enable communities to embrace transformational governance to the level and extent desired by the community.

Financial Models
Facilitates new dialogue and engagement in developing new financial models with First Nations.

International Hosting
First SET will assist international companies looking to do business in Canada. Whether navigating through resource management standards, and processes First SET will assist corporations in complex technical regulations, regulatory management structures, protocol, hosting and consultation.