Industry Advisor / Corporate Engagement

Transformation offers advisory services in the fisheries, aquaculture, forestry, tourism, energy and mining business industries. Transformation supports quality decision making for resource management through strategy, policy, management, and governance. A healthy environment must be at the heart of all development. Transformation is about increasing the presence of First Nations in the territory while building a local economy, driving innovation and seizing upon business opportunities.

Corporate Relationship Building

Joint venture partnering! Corporate Relationship building! Cultural diversity training! Transformation works with businesses, corporations and First Nations to build an integrative relationship outlining primary goals and planned participation across various local industries while creating a unified economic direction outlining immediate action, identifying investment opportunities, and strategy. We design individualized programs to help Corporations work more effectively with Aboriginal People.

Aboriginal Corporate Relationship Building Works with businesses, corporations and First Nations to build an integrative relationship – outlining goals, opportunities. Design individualized programs
Joint Venture Partnering Works with companies and First nations to identify joint venture opportunities, needs and structure
Shareholder Agreements Will assist in development of shareholder agreements
Cultural Diversity Training In an engaging environment, participants learn history, legal context and current working requirements for cultural diversity
Corporate Retreats Transformation offers exclusive Corporate retreats
Work Force Readiness Bridges the gap between the Aboriginal population and Corporations. Transformation offers customized training to bridge community capacity, cultural competencies and corporate objectives to build tools for success.
Corporate Leadership Training  This training examines the required practices to build a mutual understanding and communication between a corporation and a First Nation. Transformation builds leadership training for business agreement success
Cultural Board Training Engages participants in practical approaches to create productive, healthy, engaging and meaningful executive and board management systems and operations. This training focuses on the next level of success to move forward.
Aboriginal Relationship Competency Training This training addresses the collective, shared learning to increase the competence of a community of practice for Aboriginal Liaison positions. This training examines breaking through barriers to working with First Nations communities and works to align local economic objectives with business practices.
First Nation Corporate Social Responsibility Training This exclusive training addresses the relationship and values gap between corporation and First Nations. Training participants learn about corporate and First Nation culture and business relationships.
Economy Building Strategies  Transformation provides training in First Nation value based economy strategies. We work with communities to develop the critical components for a culture, social and values based economy.