Economic Development

Transformation is about creating jobs, opportunities, growth, and governance structures to create wealth, health and self reliance for today, and for the future. Economic development must be balanced with social development and environmental sustainability and empower local decision – making and values.

Wealth Strategies Transformation offers a unique Wealth Dynamics program that engages the individual, family, staff and governance to understand financial management and the creation of wealth.
Economy Building Strategies Supporting local economy is an essential component of linking economic development projects to community success.
Economic Development Planning Creates economic development strategies to focus on wealth and local economy. Transformation will research, develop economic structures and action strategies to support local economic vision.
Strategic Planning Facilitates the development of collective vision with clear goals and objectives for implementation and measurement of success.
Feasibility Studies Will examine the strengths, weaknesses, costs, value and environment to meet business development needs.
Joint Venture Partnering Assisting in identifying potential partnerships, advising on relationships and business values.
Creating Economic Development Corporations Supports the creation and development of economic development corporations to sustain investment attraction, resource management, joint ventures and partnerships.
Board of Director Governance Training Prepares business leaders for excellence in governance and leadership.
Taxation Services Transformation offers exclusive taxation services to support First Nations in economic development, land strategies and community planning.
Business Planning Transformation will develop a business plan.
Market Analysis Will undertake quantitative and qualitative assessment of a market, patterns and economic environment
Business Analytics Transformation will undertake business performance management, risk analysis to support informed decision- making.
Connecting to capital/ equity markets
Transformation offers a series of connected partners to support access to capital, deal structuring. 
Financial capacity development
Transformation offers design support to increase financial capacity and access to capital while overcoming barriers.
Create a development corporation
Will help from a Development Corporation, identify and establish structure for business development, reduction of risk and liability.