Community & Social Development

Employment! Health! Wealth! Personal achievement! Language! Freedom! Equality! Education! Economy! Literacy! Technology!

The purpose of Transformation is to facilitate long-term, positive change in the people we serve, by teaching them how to gain power through taking responsibility for one’s life. We assist people toward individual freedom, by teaching them to let go of and learn from their experiences. In essence, we create outstanding change in Aboriginal communities. These changes shift our people toward a healthier, more deserving lifestyle. Transformation offers solutions and invites possibilities!


Community Critical Incident/ Crisis Management Assists with developing emergency procedures and safety plans. Critical incident stress debriefing is available for staff and community members.
Secret to Self Determination This innovative and much sought workshop leads participants in creating positive, long term changes
Basis of Transformation This session focuses on basic concepts of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming- participants leave focused and with understanding of the importance of language and how it structures daily experiences.
Personal and Professional Break Through Sessions This session is an amazing tool for transforming daily life – learn how to change thought patterns, learn power in responsibility and techniques to create the future.
Success Strategies for Back to Work/School Transformation integrates language technology training and life skills to assist in developing community strategies to develop workforce capacity and success with a social development focus.
Community Workshops Offers extensive workshops for staff, community on various topics for personal and professional development.