Organizational Development

Transformation works with organizations to increase and improve effectiveness and performance in operations, programs, and service delivery. Transformation will work with employees, management, and organizational culture and governance.

Protocol Development Transformation will develop agreements for Ministries, Municipalities, businesses, organizations, NGO’s, and First Nations.
Policy Development Effective policy is essential for organizations- Transformation works with managers, administrators, boards, councils and staff to identify the policy needs, review, develop, implement and integrate effective policy.
Program Evaluation Transformation will collect, analyze information to review project and program effectiveness and efficiency- for funders, managers and organizations.
Event Planning From concept, planning, management and delivery, communications, design, and funding – Transformation will assist in delivering a successful event.
Project Management Offers support in planning, organizing, securing and managing resources for the successful completion of project goals and objectives. Transformation works within scope, time and budget for successful project management.
Proposal Writing  Offers assistance in proposal development.
Financial Management Responsible and innovative financial management is a necessity today in managing local government organization. Let us help your organization enhance your fiscal management service delivery processes.
Human Resource Plans  Will work with organizations to establish effective Human Resource strategies to address growth, function, structure and practices to align organizational goals and objectives with strategy and management excellence.
Performance Management  Offers enhanced performance management reviews for improved process and operations design.