Transformation – Your Number One Social and Economic Development Company

Transformation is a global business model that strives to impact communities, organization operations, and corporations positively. All the organization's operations work towards providing social and economic solutions to the community.

The Transformation team has a unique way of transforming problems into empowerment. This model that they use focuses on increasing the knowledge and capacity of people, communities, and governments.

There are many benefits of seeking the services they offer. Note that you and your people will get to learn more about focused decision-making, analyzing, designing, being innovative, and many more. Transformation offers quality services, and the team has successfully helped change many lives.

The organization won a BC Aboriginal Outstanding Business Achievement Award, a Creating Wealth Award from the National Indigenous Council of Elders, and a Business of the Year Award from the Nuu Chah Nulth Economic Development Corporation.

Transformation creates value through:

  1. Lands and Resource Management

The Transformation team offers advisory services in fisheries, forestry, tourism, energy, and mining fields. These are the key industries that determine our ecosystem.

For years now, there has been a lot of pollution, and it is a growing concern. Transformation seeks to step in and support quality decision-making for resource management through strategy, policy, management, and governance.

Transformation understands that a healthy environment is the heart of all development. We should all strive to leave the world better than we found it.

  1. Economic Development

The organization helps the community create jobs and opportunities for its members. However, people need to know how to develop, grow their wealth and become self-reliant. Transformation educates on balancing economic, social development, and environmental sustainability to create an autonomous system.

  1. Industry Advisor

As a business, you need to seize opportunities if you want to grow. Transformation works with these businesses, corporations, and First Nations to build integrative relationships and help the entities outline their primary goals.

They work on joint venturing partnerships, corporate relationship building, and cultural diversity training to lead the organizations to a unified economic direction. This way, it is easier to identify investment opportunities and strategize.

Transformation offers different services under this category that help target specific people. You get various options, such as Corporate Retreats, where you get a chance to step back from your usual operations and learn how to operate better.

  1. Organizational Development

Next is organizational development, where Transformation works with organizations and business entities to increase and improve their effectiveness. The program covers operations, customer service, deliveries, and many more.

Transformation works with all the employees, that is, from the supporting staff to the directors. They do this to pass on primary organization culture and governance information.

The Transformation team has experience in all corporate fields and will assist in developing, evaluating, and managing your business. In addition, there are various programs under organizational development that are beneficial.

  1. Community Development

Apart from improving businesses and organizations, there is a need to help the surrounding community. This is where you will get customers, clients, and working partners.

The services offered by Transformation under this section are quite extensive. They work with communities' needs to enhance social, economic, and environmental well-being.

This program is a success, and you can prove this by visiting some of their previous projects. You will see how they created new values and housing. Transformation also tries to improve the communities' finance literacy.

  1. Transformation Facilitation/ Training

Transformation offers quality facilitation using the latest technology. The team comprises individuals who specialize in facilitating the complex process to find solutions and actions towards success.

The team has training in Open Space, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, and Graphic Facilitation. If you implement these services in your organization, the result is high-quality decision-making.

There is a training program that features board and governance training. Here, you learn how to take on responsibilities and develop models, policies, and structures that will lead you to success.

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